Joseph Opsahl

Frontend Developer | Designer | Cat Dad | Coffee Enthusiast


Its Me

I am a human who...

…enjoys the finer things in life, like coffee and video games. I have 7 cats through no fault of my own, well maybe a little, and two dogs. As a hobby I do leatherwork, and fix arcades, volunteer, and try as many craft beers as I can.

If I'm not working on one of my many hobbies, you'll find me at the dog park with my Shiba Inu, Miku and my German Shepard Akita mix, Umbra.

As a developer I focus on unique and functional design. I love creating websites and artwork that truly invokes the end user’s curiosity.

In each of my designs I want the user to feel in control, without having to search for where to go next. Every website I make is responsive and will look great no matter where it is accessed from. I believe simplicity is key.

As a designer I make images that pop, as a developer I make experiences that are smooth and engaging to keep them coming back. I recognize the beauty in simplicity, and the importance of image association and brand recognition.